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I don’t often get the chance to taste a considerable series of wines from what are two of the smallest and rarest appellations in France. But this happened recently in Paris, and the conditions were perfect since I was the only taster n the room by the time I arrived from a far more mundane tasting of the future wine fair offerings of one of France’s supermarket chains. The venue was the showroom of the very chic and expensive cooking stove produced by Cornue, in the equally chic and expensive 7th arrondissement of Paris.






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Can you imagine a wine that is at the same time deep in colour, reasonably tannic, fresh-tasting with ripe fruit, weighing in at below 12° alcohol and coming from a cool-climate region (the Loire Valley) and a generally disastrous vintage (2013)? Sounds like an improbable combination? Yet, on February 26th 2015, we tasted just such a wine in order to wash down a delicious Montbeliard sausage (or the other way round).

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